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  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team that makes effective customized medicines.
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  • We have the resources to quickly acquire discontinued medical drugs.
  • We make allergy-free medicines that won't cause side effects.
  • We make customized dosages in various forms to meet the requirements of the patient.
  • We keep patient data current.
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Overview of Pharmacy Compounding

Compounding pharmaceuticals is the customized preparation of medicine to suit the patient’s unique medicinal requirements. Prescription Compounding plays a very important role in preparing customized medicines for various types of patients. People have different habits and allergies along with their own medicinal tolerance and other requirements.

There are many types of patients, both human as well as animal, who need customized medicines. They also require different intake forms due to age, inability to consume medicines orally, allergies to a particular drug, and tolerance to dosage.

Now, with Bonhamtown Compounding Pharmacy, the solution is here! We use various tools to make variants of medicines in different forms and doses. We prepare medications strictly per the doctor’s prescription while understanding the patient’s medical history, medicinal needs, and personal preferences of intake. We prepare compounding prescriptions following a custom formula that is often not available commercially. We also prepare medicines in different forms (e.g., pills, ointments, powders, drops, or liquids) and we add flavors to make the medicine palatable.

Why do some patients need compounded medications?

1Accessing discontinued medicines

Sometimes, commercial manufacturers discontinue the production of certain medical drugs when there is limited demand. This makes it hard for patients depending on those medicines. In such cases, compounding pharmacy plays a very important role in accessing the discontinued medical drug and making customized medicine for a particular patient. Bonhamtown Compounding Pharmacy has access to the highest-quality pharmaceutical ingredients, the latest technology, and the quality control needed to manufacture the medicines in the desired quantity with customized dosage that suits the patient’s need.

2Making medicines palatable

Generally, commercially-prepared medicines have an unpleasant taste and are unpopular among patients of all ages and types. At Bonhamtown Compounding Pharmacy , we make a palatable prescription right from scratch by considering the patient’s favorite flavor. This is a very important benefit for certain patients, such as young children, the elderly, and pets.

3Altering the form of medicine

If the patient has difficulty swallowing pills, we prepare the same medicine in liquid form with the patient’s favorite flavor. This simple alteration can make a patient’s life easier. In some cases, medications can be converted from oral pills into topical creams or gels that are absorbed into the patient's bloodstream through the skin. This is one of the greatest benefits of prescribing compounded medicines over generally-available ones.

4Making allergy-free medicine

There are many undesirable ingredients in medications, like dyes, alcohol, or lactose, that may cause undesirable reactions in the patient’s body. Commercially-available medicines can also contain excipients, like fillers and preservatives, which may adversely affect the patient and cause mild or severe allergic reactions. At Bonhamtown Compounding Pharmacy, we create our medicinal formulas after carefully studying the patient’s medical history and habits. We also create allergy-free medicines that are as effective as the commercially-available medicines but without any side effects.

5Offering customized service

At Bonhamtown Compounding Pharmacy, we identify our patient’s needs. We keep records of our esteemed clients’ medicinal histories, their allergies, their sensitivities to drugs, their locations for free delivery, and their need for a favored form of dosage. As a compounding pharmacy, we are also able to offer treatments for unusual maladies that general medicines fail to address.

Side Effects of Commercially-Available Prescription Drugs

A side effect is an unintended, negative reaction in a patient’s body to medicine or treatment. Commercially-produced medicines may not suit everybody. One drug or a combination of drugs from the general medicine supply may not get properly digested in the body of the patient (both human and animal). Side effects depend upon the patient’s disease, age, gender, weight, and ethnicity. Diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, skin hives, or rashes after intake of commercially-produced medicines are possible side effects.

Generally, side effects subside after a period of time but there are cases when the patient’s body responds very adversely to certain drugs in general medicine, causing symptoms that supersede the original problem. In such cases, a doctor may recommend customized or compounded medicine prepared by a highly-trained and licensed compounding pharmacist.

Contact Bonhamtown Pharmacy for all your compounding needs:

  • Custom Medications For Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Custom Medications For Acne
  • Custom Medications For Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • Custom Medications For Arthritis
  • Custom Medications For Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Custom Medications For Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Men & Women)
  • Custom Medications For Breast Cancer
  • Custom Medications For Breathing Disorders
  • Custom Medications For Chronic Pain Management
  • Custom Medications For Chronic UTI's & Vaginitis
  • Custom Medications For Chronic Diaper Rash
  • Custom Medications For Dental Needs
  • Custom Medications For Ear Infections
  • Custom Medications For Erectile Dysfunction
  • Custom Medications For Exercise/Sports Injuries
  • Custom Medications For Flavoring
  • Custom Medications For Head Lice
  • Custom Medications For Hemorrhoids
  • Custom Medications For Hospice Needs
  • Custom Medications For Hyperhidrosis
  • Custom Medications For Infertility
  • Custom Medications For Migraine Headaches
  • Custom Medications For Multiple Sclerosis
  • Custom Medications For Nausea and Vomiting
  • Custom Medications For Neonatal Needs
  • Custom Medications For Neuropathies
  • Custom Medications For Oral Lesions
  • Custom Medications For Pets
  • Custom Medications For Postpartum Needs
  • Custom Medications For Scars And Keloids
  • Custom Medications For Snoring
  • Custom Medications For Warts
  • Custom Medications For Wound Therapy
  • Custom Medications For Wrinkles and Age Spots
  • And more.

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