Custom Topical Pain Medications

Since pain is a unique and personal experience, the pain-relief solution should be customized. Pain indicates that something is wrong somewhere in the body and it needs immediate attention and relief. There are different levels of pain, including mild, acute, and chronic. Pain can prevent patients from going to work and keeping their regular daily schedule. Bonhamtown Pain Management Compounding offers customized solutions for all kinds of pain with customized dosages.

We offer customized pain relievers

Although over-the-counter pain relievers may offer some relief, they contain ingredients that can cause allergies. Bonhamtown prepares customized pain relievers based on your doctor’s prescription and by considering your medical history and allergies. We prepare customized pain relievers with dosages to suit your body and needs.

We prevent side effects

Side effects are an adverse reaction to medicine. Some drugs don’t get properly digested in the patient’s body, creating uneasiness in the form of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea. At Bonhamtown, we prepare medicines that can be used topically so that the side effects from oral medications are avoided. We believe that topical pain relievers may also be more effective than orally administered medicines.

We compound palatable medicines

Most of the painkillers that are commercially-produced taste bitter. Patients of all ages can have a hard time taking them because of this. At Bonhamtown, we make all of our medicines highly palatable. All of our customized medicines are prepared to suit the taste of the patients. We can even prepare medicines to your ideal taste if you tell us your favorite flavor. If you are not able to swallow pills, we can prepare a liquid suspension of the same medicine with your favorite flavor as well.

We prepare unique forms and dosages

We prepare medicines in the forms and dosages that are not commercially-available in retail pharmacies. Our team of expert pharmacists conducts various tests and prepares customized medicines per the orders placed by the patient with the doctor’s prescription attached. We also prepare repeat orders. Bonhamtown Pharmacy has a very high success rate of preparing customized medicines from start to finish.

We compound topical pain relievers

We believe that topical pain relievers may be more effective than oral medications. Topical medications work directly as transdermal pain relief aimed at the affected area of the body, avoiding side effects that oral medications may cause when metabolized by the liver. We prepare various forms of compounded topical pain creams, compounded pain ointments, compounded pain foams, compounded pain sprays, and compounded topical gels.

We offer custom medications for sports injuries

Sports injuries are sometimes unavoidable. Many athletes experience some kind of sports injury, such as foot pain, burning foot syndrome, joint pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, or neuropathic pain. At Bonhamtown, we offer customized sports injury medicines to professional and amateur athletes as well as coaches to help them recover from their injuries. Athletes can experience a variety of pain, ranging from accidental pain to chronic long-term pain. Bonhamtown pharmacists prefer topical pain relievers over oral medicines since transdermal gels, creams, and sprays are more effective. Our transdermal compounded pain relievers can give relief from severe arthritis pain, back pain, muscle pain, sprains, shingle’s pain, tennis elbow, and more. Bonhamtown Compounded Pharmacy takes special care of those injured in collision sports, such as football. Our compounded pain relievers offer great and fast relief to pain-related problems.


NSAIDs are used to relieve all types of pain and reduce inflammation. They are generally used to relieve symptoms of arthritis and other conditions that cause long-term pain. NSAIDs are a combination of drugs in one tablet. These usually include paracetamol, aspirin, codeine, or dihydrocodeine. They are used in cases of mild to moderate pain such as headaches, injuries, or osteoarthritis.

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